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Dölf Weder Rev. Dr. theol.

Short Biography

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Dölf Weder (officially Adolf Martin Weder) was born in Burgdorf BE on the 26th of December 1950. He is the oldest of four children of Adolf Weder-Rietmann, civil engineer, and Heidy (Heidi) Weder-Rietmann, administrative assistant and housewife. Happy youth and school years in Burgdorf and since 1956 in St. Gallen. In the age of eleven, first contact with the youth work of the YMCA St. Gallen. The YMCA became a shaping force for active youth years and the direction of the whole life. After the gymnasium at the Cantonal School St. Gallen followed studies in economy and social sciences at the University of St. Gallen, and in theology, social psychology and applied informatics at the University of Zürich.  In 1979 Dölf Weder received a doctor degree (Dr. theol.) in practical theology with a thesis on "Christian Youth Work", and - after serving one year as a vicar in the parishes of Zürich-Seebach and Baar - was ordained as a minister (VDM) of the evangelical-reformed church.

1979 to 1986 Dölf Weder worked as General Secretary of the YMCA St. Gallen. Besides leading the St. Gallen association and the YMCA vacation centre La Punt-Chamues-ch, his emphasis was on camp work with teenagers and young adults, as well as the introduction of Ten Sing work in Switzerland. 1982 Dölf Weder became a military chaplain in the Swiss Army. During the years 1987 to 1990 he worked as a parish minister in Wil SG, partly combined with a part-time employment as a lecturer for religion at the Cantonal School in St. Gallen.

Dölf Weder represented the Swiss YMCA already since the seventies on European and World YMCA level. In 1990 he was called to serve as the Secretary General of the European Alliance of YMCAs, the European YMCA umbrella organisation with almost two million programme participants, seat in St. Gallen, since 1999 in Prague. The opening of Eastern Europe meant an enormous challenge and the almost doubling of the number of National Movements in the nineties. The annual European Secretary's Reports presented by Dölf Weder and shown on this website give an interesting picture of the development of the European YMCA during these years.

In summer 1998 Dölf Weder became a part-time councillor of the Evangelical-reformed Church of the Canton St. Gallen. Until the end of 1999 he was responsible for its adult education department. 2000 to 2014 Dölf Weder served as the President of this church, a new task and challenge. It is documented on this website through speeches and texts. 2014 he went into early retirement and withdrew from public responsibilites. He is concentrating now even more on music.

Dölf Weder is single and got to know wide parts of Europe and his people through extensive professional and private travel. Study trips and professional journeys led him also to North- and South-America, Asia, North-Africa and the Caribbean. During vacations and leisure time Dölf Weder enjoyed many years going on long-distance bicycle trips, baggage and a Leica accompanying him. Some examples of his photographic images are shown on this website. When watching pictures himself, he specially likes the classical humanist photography. In his free time Dölf Weder likes nordic walking, camping and other outdoor sports, enjoys music and various music instruments. He is also interested in computers and the internet; this website is a product of it.

Further Information:
Curriculum Vitae (in English)
Father: Adolf Weder-Rietmann (in German)
Sisters and Brother:
Aufzählung Heidi Schürmann-Weder, 1952
with Hubert Schürmann,
Aufzählung Anja
Aufzählung Sven
Aufzählung Sabrina
Aufzählung Beatrice Weder Assir, 1959
with Javad Assir,
Aufzählung Samira
Aufzählung Keywan
Aufzählung Markus Weder (Austin Eurythmy Ensemble), 1962
with Andrea Weder


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Youth and Schools in Burgdorf and St. Gallen

Early YMCA involvement

Studies at Universities Zürich and St. Gallen

Doctor of Theology and Ordained Minister


Secretary General YMCA St. Gallen

Parish Minister in Wil



Secretary General European Alliance of YMCAs (EAY)




President of the Evangelical-reformed Church of the Canton St. Gallen


Extensive Travel

Outdoor sports, photography and music